Central Committee Communiqué

Monday, March 23, 2015

Press Communiqué
The Central Committee of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) met in New Delhi on March 21-22, 2015. It has issued the following statement:
Damage to Crops
The Central Committee expressed its deep concern at the wide-scale and heavy damage to crops in North India due to unseasonal rains. These rains have damaged the Rabi crop and aggravated the distress of farmers. This will lead to a further shortfall in food production. The Central Committee demanded that the Central Government and the concerned state governments take immediate steps to provide sufficient compensation and relief to the affected farmers.
Stop Land Ordinance
The Central Committee extended its full support to the ongoing struggle against the land acquisition ordinance which is sought to be passed into law in parliament. This anti-farmer piece of legislation must be stopped. The CPI(M) will fully support and participate in the anti-land acquisition agitation being conducted by the Joint Forum.
Denationalisation of Coal Industry
The Central Committee sharply criticized the passage of the Coal Mines (Special Provisions) Bill, 2015 in parliament. The Modi Government was able to push through the Bill in the Rajya Sabha due to the support extended to it by the AIADMK, BJD, TMC, SP, BSP and some other parties. This Act opens the way for the entry of private sector in coal mining and denationalization of the industry. The Central Committee deplored the stand adopted by these regional parties who have compromised the interests of the people for some other considerations.
The struggle to prevent the privatization of the coal industry should be carried on by the united working class movement.
The acquittal by a Delhi Court of all the 16 accused in the Hashimpura (Meerut) massacre case in which 42 people were killed has angered those who had wanted to see that justice is done in this police atrocity. The acquittal due to insufficient evidence highlights the callous manner in which the prosecution of those guilty for communal killings are being conducted.
The Central Committee demands that the verdict be appealed and the case strongly pursued in the higher court.
Swine Flue Deaths
The Central Committee expressed serious concern at the widespread outbreak of swine flue across the country. Nearly 2000 people have died due to the disease and thousands of others have fallen ill. The public health care system has failed miserably in dealing with the outbreak of the disease. The Central Government has not shown sufficient seriousness in coordinating the efforts to tackle the disease and extending support to the states.
The Central Government has cut the health outlay in the Union Budget which will only worsen the public health system. The Central Committee demands adequate funds to be deployed for the public health care system and urgent steps to tackle swine flue on a war footing.
Party Congress Preparations
The Central Committee discussed and adopted the Political-Organisational Report to be presented to the 21st Congress of the party to be held in Vishakapatanam from April 14 to 19, 2015. The Political-Organisational Report deals with the three years work of the party since the last Party Congress.